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Far Cry Primal xbox one  drops you into the land known as Oros, and to begin with, there’s just one goal: “survive in a world where humans are the prey”. And Oros is as beautiful as it is savage. Unspoilt by advanced human civilisation and particularly cars, it instinctively feels like you’ve wandered into the past.Just taking time to listen to the world around you really pays off in Far Cry Primal. Sounds of predators and their prey fills the air: the calls of birds; deep, warning purrs of big cats; and strange barks of deer make up the soundscape. Even in this alpha gameplay, I’m totally immersed as I stand among the tall trees listening.

You play as Takkar, who’s a bit of a turn for the books for a Far Cry primal xbox one . Instead of being naive and lost in this new world as in previous titles such as Far Cry 4, Takkar is a seasoned hunter who’s very familiar with the terrain and nature of Oros. The game starts out with Takkar becoming the last remaining member of his hunting group, and it’s now up to him to re-establish himself with his tribe.Of course, despite the new setting and lack of traditional weapons, this is still a Far Cry game. There’s still all the traditional RPG elements to tackle. You’ll need to hunt for food and skins, master fire, craft new weapons and ammo, and learn how to be a survivor in this this Stone Age land.Takkar has an extensive skill tree, with skills spread out across Survival, Gathering, Beast Master, Hunting, Fighting and Crafting traits that you’ll have to choose and upgrade as he levels up. There’s also a couple of other categories that are obviously story related, and a complete mystery to me at this point.The preview session I got to play dropped me into a section a little later on in the game, which allowed me to see some of the game’s best features first-hand, and have a few more skills at my disposal.

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