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Download Formula 1 2015 Xbox one iso


F1 2015 is a Jekyll & Hyde of a video game. In many ways, it’s the best Formula One title Codemasters has ever released. A complete overhaul of the series’ driving physics, coupled with wonderfully fun and challenging AI competitors, makes wrestling your car around the game’s tracks more fun than ever. But F1 2015 also has an ugly side. A shortage of game modes, numerous technical hiccups and reliability issues that would even make a Honda mechanic blush, make it a difficult game to recommend. There’s no doubt that the on track action is far better than last year’s game. But whether or not you enjoy F1 2015 rests more on if your favorite mode has been removed, and the frequency by which the game crashes to desktop.

More importantly, the performance was very smooth throughout my time on the PS4. F1 2015 xbox one  is a pretty great drive on PS4 (notably better than the PC version) — it may lack the features of previous versions, but it offers also some extraordinarily authentic driving on the track. Tire degradation and grip are modeled better than ever before in the series, and that can make for some very special racing that tests every aspect of your race craft.The rock-solid PlayStation 4 controller helps bring this to life, too, with an incredible level of granularity in the controls. I felt like I was getting as much out the throttle and steering controls as I would with a racing wheel.Aerodynamic modeling doesn’t seem nearly as good, however. Racing in close proximity to other drivers, in turbulent air, doesn’t feel substantially different from being alone in clear air. That’s a pretty major thing to be missing from an F1 sim, where the cars are all about aerodynamic downforce. Still, fuel economy and tire wear keep things interesting on the track, to the point where I strongly recommend doing longer races (25% length or higher). I’ve had epic races in changing weather conditions where I was forced to adjust my driving style on the fly to make new tire strategies work. Getting performance out of a dying set of wet-weather tires for a crucial couple of extra laps, then switching onto high-performance slick tires just as the track dries off, and going on a tear through the field is one of those moments where you feel like you know what it is to be an F1 driver — if only for a few minutes.

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Download Formula 1 2015 Xbox One 

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