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Download NBA Live 16 Xbox one iso


LIVE Pro-Am is a fast-paced way to Rise Together with your friends. Pro-Am features LIVE Run and Summer Circuit, two online multiplayer modes that let you compete on iconic indoor and outdoor courts across North America. Play 5-on-5 street ball in LIVE Run. Meet NBA greats on the courts that made them famous in Summer Circuit. Fundamentals will always be the key to success on a basketball court. How well you can dribble, shoot, and play defense will always determine whether you win or lose. This continues to be the problem in NBA Live 16, where flashy presentation and interesting new game modes can only go as far as the stiff and laggy gameplay will take it.

And it is quite flashy. Building on the graphical improvements from last year, NBA Live 16 xbox one continues to look great, especially up close. Updated skin textures and better lighting makes players look more realistic, but it seems uneven – like only the biggest names got the full face-scanning treatment. The ones that did, like Lebron James and Russell Westbrook, look fantastic, but some players just look a bit… off. For example, the facial features of Anderson Varejao make him look like a completely different person. Additionally, only a few body types seem to be used for everybody, which results in some pretty inaccurate looking players. In real life, Kevin Durant is very thin and lanky, but in Live he almost looks bulky. Presentation has always been a high priority in EA Sports games, and NBA Live 16 is no different. The ESPN licence is used extremely well, giving the feeling that you’re watching a live broadcast. Lively crowds fill the realistic arenas, which were built using EA’s scanning technology, and that adds to the authenticity. Once again, the game commentary is led by Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy, with Jalen Rose handling the halftime and postgame shows. Nobody does a particularly good job, though, and Rose in particular feels completely unnatural and more like he’s reading from a script.

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