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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Xbox one iso


The upgraded feint moves allow for sudden directional changes that can cause defenders to lose their balance. But the developers have added a new system to the defenders arsenal. With Perfect Defence, players who time their tackles perfectly are able to powerfully shove their opponent out of the way and instantly secure the ball, allowing to create direct turnarounds and counter opportunities

It’s time to ask that age old question once again: PES 2016 xbox one  or FIFA 16 xbox one ?Well, we can definitively say that 2016 is without a doubt Pro Evo’s year. Konami’s football sim finally plays a more exciting, faster paced game than its EA rival. It does a much better job at capturing the true flow of the beautiful game.While quick-thinking is rewarded and clumsy play punished, it’s the fact that the players feel responsive and agile.Usually PES pails in comparison to FIFA when it comes to the graphics, but this year the game uses the same FOX Engine as Metal Gear Solid 5. That means superior detail, animation and lighting, which gives Pro Evo a substantial edge over its rival.If you’re being particularly fussy, you might complain about the flat-looking grass or some unconvincing effects for footfalls on wet turf. But the players’ skin and cloth dynamics have never looked better in a PES game and the ball physics and ball animation are second to none.All the same, the many voices acclaiming this year’s Pro Evo as a landmark football game, even the best football game ever made, might be pushing it a little. Pro Evo is this year’s champion by a margin, but it’s still not perfect. Reports that PES 2016 stomps all over FIFA or redefines the genre still need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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Download Pro evolution Soccer 2016   Xbox One 

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