Dec 13

Download WRC 5  Xbox one iso


In WRC 5, you can start to drive at early morning, in the middle of the day, during the sunset or even during the night. These different moments of the day allow you to experience various atmospheres (morning fog, dazzling sunset) and the headlights’ ramp will be very useful for the night stages. Like the greatest games of any kind, WRC 5 is at its very best when things have gone horribly, horribly wrong. It’s the third stage on the final day of the Finnish rally, and the two second lead you’ve got over your nearest competitor would be looking good if that advantage hadn’t come by getting a little too intimate with the scenery: you lost half the gearbox to a sturdy piece of hoarding near the start-line, the electronics were sacrificed to a church a couple of kilometres back so now you can no longer hear your co-driver and it’s hard to see through the dimming twilight as your headlights have been scraped down the side of a tree. The service station couldn’t be any further away, and yet you still manage to bring it all home. A Ford Fiesta has never seen such heroics outside of an Essex b-road.


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