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Take part in a wild ride to infiltrate and overtake the 510s, a gang that has grown up around Detroit’s illegal street racing scene. You will need to grow your rep in the underground racing scene and sabotage their activities city-by-city throughout a fully-open world United States. Maneuver through the percolating streets of New York City and Los Angeles, cruise down balmy Miami Beach, or trek through the breathtaking plateaus of Monument Valley. Each locale comes with its own set of surprises and driving challenges to master. On your journey you will encounter other drivers on the road – all potentially worthy companions to crew up with, or future rivals to compete against.

The Crew xbox one  tries to be a driving game with something for everyone. You can team up with a group of friends for an epic road trip filled with fast-paced illegal activities, and seamlessly explore a massive map of the U.S., from the tip of Maine, all the way down to Miami, over to Los Angeles and back again, passing through other iconic cities along the way. Though it’s true that all of this is possible, the experience isn’t all that it’s made out to be. The Crew tries to do a lot, and while it technically delivers the features it promises, it frequently stumbles over itself. There are brief moments of joy within, but just when you start to think the game’s turned a corner, a bump in the road sends your joyride careening off course. When the best thing a racing game has going for it is the variety of environments it has to offer, you know something’s amiss. You start off in the streets of Detroit, but it’s not long before you’re rolling through mountains, everglades, and forests. The huge maps and its colossal number of activities is intimidating at first, but that’s great: the more places to go and things to do, the merrier. Story missions, which take you through a trope-filled campaign that plays out like a Fast & Furious sequel, send you from one region of the country to the next, and missions emerge out of the blue along the way. You street race, smuggle contraband, take down competing criminals, and tackle bite-sized emergent challenges that test your abilities behind the wheel while you’re on the go. There are hundreds of things to do, but only some are truly fun. The problem? With so much ground to cover, The Crew feels and looks like it’s stretched too thin, and it’s evident from the start. The Crew’s world may be massive and varied, but it’s not good-looking. It’s constantly plagued by texture and geometry pop-in, and looks generally outdated. People, buildings, the environment, and most importantly, the cars, are represented by disappointing models that suffer from an unsightly amount of aliasing.

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